Guide Jean-Noël Bovier
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  • Mountaineering

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  • Off-piste skiing

  • Ski touring

  • High Routes

  • Heli-skiing

At the age of 5, I was already saying that I wanted to become a mountain guide to the despair of my mother...
As a child of Evolène, and descendant of a line of guides, I practiced ski racing until I was 19. I was determined to climb the peaks around me and, driven by curiosity, to travel the world and its mountains. 
My passion took me to the Himalayas and to North and South America on several occasions. In our Alps I have climbed all the 4000m and done many great races.
When I became a Mountain Guide, I wanted to share my experience and my passion by taking my clients to make their dreams come true in summer and winter.

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