Tour du Val d'Hérens - Route 5 - Cabane des Becs de Bosson - Nax
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This hike represents the fifth and final stage of the “Tour pédestre du Val d’Hérens” (“Val d’Hérens Hiking Tour”). The hike starts at the Cabane des Becs de Bosson (2,985 m), located just below the summit of the Becs de Bosson (3,149 m). The refuge, renovated in 2012, offers guests dormitory accommodation and a cosy dining room; the views to the south take in many of the Valais’ 4,000-metre peaks. Hikers can reach the refuge by following the previous stage of the long-distance trail, from La Sage. Alternatively, take one of the scenic paths up either from the Val d’Hérens to the west (e.g. from St. Martin or Evolène) or from the Val d’Anniviers to the east (e.g. from Grimentz). From the refuge, the trail leads down into the Vallon de Réchy, a remote valley hidden between the Val d’Hérens and the Val d’Anniviers. The pristine, protected landscape is home to a wealth of wildlife: you may be lucky enough to spot a golden eagle. The trail leads past marshes and along a river that plays hide-and-seek, disappearing and reappearing suddenly a few metres later. The second part of the trail leads around the southern flanks of the Mont Noble into the Val d’Hérens: first across open pastures and then through woodland down to Nax. Located on a high promontory, this village offers spectacular views of the Rhône valley and glorious sunsets. NB SwitzerlandMobility features just a 2-stage version of the “Tour pédestre du Val d’Hérens” from La Sage to Nax. Highlights: A night at the Cabane des Becs de Bosson – star-filled skies at nearly 3,000 m Vallon de Réchy – pristine valley, paradise for wildlife Nax – superb views of the Rhône valley and spectacular sunsets, the latest in the region

The characteristics of the route.
Cabane des Becs de Bosson (CH)
  • Distance 13.5 km
  • Elevation gain 70 m
  • Elevation lost 1790 m
  • Min. elevation 1262 m
  • Max. elevation. 2987 m
  • Marking yes
Area : Saint Martin
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