Pierre de Gué workshop - Evolène
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"Leaving one bank for the other is a journey
Imagine a torrent, a ford to cross. A few stones invite you to pass. They are neither completely flat nor completely balanced. Put one foot after the other gently and move forward...
Each step is a step towards yourself. To get there, accept who you are, discover your richness and resources, be confident, willing and above all ... curious. 
The Creative Diary® is a playful, creative and introspective method to intuitively move forward and welcome the unexpected. "Journal" refers to the intimacy of the process, to its regular (even daily) practice and to the medium (a notebook or bound notebook).  "Creative" evokes the use of colours, images, words and textures. So many mediums to be combined to let a creation flourish. It will then be up to you to observe and explore in search of a meaning, a new path, an idea, a lead, a choice.
You don't need to be an artist or writer.
We are all naturally endowed with creativity.
The Creative Diary® is a unique space to take care of ourselves and to celebrate life at its most painful and most wonderful.
Joëlle Anzévui

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